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LIFT FOILS – Electric, flying surfboard

With a wing under the board, surfing is extraordinary. You can float above the surface of the water, smoothly and sensational as if you were on waves, only this time you are faster than the wave. A specially designed underwater electric motor, supported by powerful lithium batteries, drives the surfboard. With the appropriate shape of […]

Marine Skills – Knots

Bowline From the very start, ropes and knots are practically an essential part of navigation, sailing and other means of travel by water. Even today, ropes and knots are present on all vessels, from the ordinary small canoes to supertankers or war aircraft carriers. Over the centuries, sailing knots have become very specific and adapted […]


MONACO: The Union International Motonautique (UIM) – the international governing body for all powerboat racing – has announced a major new partnership agreement with China’s BUND Holding Group. The partnership, agreed between UIM President Dr Raffaele Chiulli and BUND Holding Group President Mr Xin Chongjie, will commence with the group’s sponsorship of next month’s (March […]

C/E Chief Engineer Zeljko Kaludjerovic – Magellan’s „Peaceful“ Ocean

Unpredictable sailing the Pacific The first thing any seamen wonders when he arrives into the Pacific Ocean is why the famous Portuguese navigator and explorer Magellan named the ocean “peaceful”. Pacific Ocean or the Pacific was named after the French word “pacifique” which means peaceful. This ocean occupies a third of the Earth’s surface, or […]