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D-Marin will run operations of Portonovi Marina, New Attraction Center of Montenegro!

 D-Marin, with its mission to grow with new norms and strategies developed in the marina and yachting sector and create value for its business partners, has taken over the management of Portonovi Marina. With the standards and management experience it creates in marina operations, D-Marin continues to expand its field of activity with marina management […]

DIVING: Buoyancy Compensator

LIFT FOILS – Electric, flying surfboard

With a wing under the board, surfing is extraordinary. You can float above the surface of the water, smoothly and sensational as if you were on waves, only this time you are faster than the wave. A specially designed underwater electric motor, supported by powerful lithium batteries, drives the surfboard. With the appropriate shape of […]

Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore: Extreme power, torque and thrust