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How Should Children Dive?

Initially, diving was reserved exclusively for best prepared and healthy soldiers and scientists, who had to complete a demangind diving course. With the development of science, equipment and new technologies, diving has become a very popular sport, no longer reserved only for the best and the fittest. Today, almost everyone can dive, including children. When […]

Butterfly – Youth Sailing Development Foundation

D-Marin will run operations of Portonovi Marina, New Attraction Center of Montenegro!

 D-Marin, with its mission to grow with new norms and strategies developed in the marina and yachting sector and create value for its business partners, has taken over the management of Portonovi Marina. With the standards and management experience it creates in marina operations, D-Marin continues to expand its field of activity with marina management […]

Butterfly – Youth Sailing Development Foundation

Landing for Helicopters on Super Yachts

With the increase in the number of super-modern yachts over 50 meters in length, the need for faster transport and better connection with the coast has also increased. For this purpose, the most practical means of transport are helicopters, so almost every super yacht today is equipped with modern landing area for helicopters, which provides […]

Butterfly – Youth Sailing Development Foundation