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LIFT FOILS – Electric, flying surfboard

With a wing under the board, surfing is extraordinary. You can float above the surface of the water, smoothly and sensational as if you were on waves, only this time you are faster than the wave. A specially designed underwater electric motor, supported by powerful lithium batteries, drives the surfboard. With the appropriate shape of […]

Underwater LED Lighting

Piranha P12 Dual i Piranha P6 CC The British company Bluefin LED underwater lighting products, adapted to all conditions, with different colors and leveling. Easy installation system, remote control and management of top quality materials are the advantages of this brand. Piranha LED underwater lights, suitable for boats up to 20 meters, with the total […]

YAMAHA V8 F350C – Born Again

Yamaha’s most powerful and largest outboard engine is F350. Since its launch, the F350 consistently exceeds customers’ expectations and stands proudly at the head of Yamaha 4-stroke line-up of engines. Introduction of the latest design resulted in a new 5.3- litre V8, engine F350 with completely new configuration. Graphic lines of torque characteristic show excellent […]

Yamaha Electric Drive

M26 // M20 // M18 // M12 Electric engines of today are a true environmental feat and the best way to power a small vessel. Yamaha development team is always following the latest trends and they took the leading position in production of these engines. The product range includes models: M26, M20, M18 and M12, […]