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LIVING ON A BOAT: First Aid at Sea

  You are often on your own at sea, so you should be well prepared for a wide range of situations. Among those that require special attention are the problems related to health and life threatening situations, so before you set sail, it would be very wise to prepare your ‘off-shore pharmacy’ and first aid […]

Anđelka Radojević: From idea to realization it is a long way!

With her bold and self-confident work, young and charming artist Anđelka Radojević has built her admirable career, patiently as befits an excellent mosaic artist, and shown that “painting in stone” is a form that attracts public attention worldwide. Impressive works, created by skilled and fine processing of material that symbolizes eternity, have embellished numerous private […]


For those who are in love with sailing and Boka Kotorska, we have found a place which offers everything you have always wanted – proximity to the Old Town of Kotor, luxurious and modern accommodation in the spirit of the architecture of old Dobrota, fantastic gastronomic offer as well as a real sandy beach – […]

Highfield Boats – Leader in RIB Production

Simplicity, quality and bespoke production are the three fundamental principles on which a world-famous brand of inflatable boats originated and developed – Highfield Boats. The company responded to the need for adventure, exploration of vast water areas, skillful maneuvering, fishing and other sports activities by creating a whole series of popular RIB boats that made […]

Pirelli 1900: Attractive, aggressive and flawless

18.5 meters long; 5 meters wide; 16 tonne displacement. These are the highlights of the maxi-rib Pirelli 1900 that represents an important milestone in the renewed collaboration between Tecnorib and Pirelli, for which the Lombardy-based company has been licensee for over ten years now. Like the Pirelli 1400, one of Tecnorib’s great successes on the […]

Pershing 8X: The Carbon Fibre Revolution

Like its predecessor 9X, the new Pershing 8X is made of the same material that the most advanced nautical dreams are made of: carbon fibre. This material not only means lighter weight, greater speed, and lower fuel consumption, but also more volume due to the ability to design larger, more comfortable spaces. 25.55 meters in […]

Leader 36: Leader for Next Summer

If you belong to the group of people who often daydream of summer, sun and warm sea during cold winter days, it’s the right time to add one more piece of the puzzle that will fit perfectly into the scene. It is the Leader 36, a powerful and not so large yacht behind which is […]

LIVING ON A BOAT: Everything you must have on board

At the beginning of your nautical “career” packing before setting sail will look like preparation for move of the nation. For every thing you will think: “We’ll definitely need it!” And the result will be a boat filled with things that you will not need, not for one second. Packing is a great opportunity for […]

Luštica Bay – A next level Montenegrin experience

Montenegro might be small, but its riches are great: year-round sunshine, a vivacious history, vibrant culture, and unspoilt scenery from mountainous inlands to a diverse coastline. Luštica Bay is an ideal location to discover all the country has to offer, and a little something new too… It might be within easy reach of three major […]

Sanlorenzo SX 76: Highest level of quality and aesthetics!

The Zuccon International Project studio has designed the exterior lines, while Piero Lissoni’s signature interior design is also evident in the first SX76 version  As one of the main producers of yachts and superyachts worldwide, Sanlorenzo landed overseas to present some of the new models of the fleet to the American market. From February 14th […]