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Luštica Bay – A next level Montenegrin experience

Montenegro might be small, but its riches are great: year-round sunshine, a vivacious history, vibrant culture, and unspoilt scenery from mountainous inlands to a diverse coastline. Luštica Bay is an ideal location to discover all the country has to offer, and a little something new too… It might be within easy reach of three major […]

Sanlorenzo SX 76: Highest level of quality and aesthetics!

The Zuccon International Project studio has designed the exterior lines, while Piero Lissoni’s signature interior design is also evident in the first SX76 version  As one of the main producers of yachts and superyachts worldwide, Sanlorenzo landed overseas to present some of the new models of the fleet to the American market. From February 14th […]

Butterfly – Youth Sailing Development Foundation

For the second year in a row, at the International Nautical, Hunting and Fishing Show in Belgrade, among all the exclusive boats and yachts, there is a modest sailboat and the sail of an Optimist class boat on the stand of the Butterfly Foundation. Thanks to the support and understanding of the organizers of this […]

Frauscher – the secret of emotional engineering

  Someone once said that man built a boat not merely to obtain a new means of transport, but primarily because of realisation that each crossing of the water and each encounter with vast blue distances caused true hapiness. This seems to be true and these very premises seem to have been the foundations on […]

Comitti 34 Sport: Powerful Rush of Adrenaline

If you are a person who finds speed thrilling and spends these days daydreaming about yourself rushing over the vast blue sea in the summer heat, against the wind, over the afternoon waves, we suggest that you take a good look at the Comitti speedboat, and consider the option of docking it in a marina […]

Yamaha F20 – Model of the latest generation!

It’s not often an outboard is launched which leads its class by such a significant margin, but the new-generation Yamaha F20 is such an engine. Bringing genuine portability to such a lively, high performance outboard has called on the advanced engineering and development skills for which Yamaha is renowned, but the remarkable result is not […]

Azimut Grande 32 Metri: Ideal Yacht for Conquering High Seas!

The Azimut Grande 32 Metri is avant-garde in every sense, not least because of the multiple unprecedented solutions that establish its right to a prominent position as one of the world’s most advanced and modern superyachts, or the advanced naval platform that is packed with technology. The main aim of all avant-garde movements is to […]

Allegra becomes a CLIA Member!

Allegra Agency, which entered the world of tourism in 2010, has become a member of CLIA, the world’s largest cruise industry trade association, established in 1975. Allegra is an agency that specializes in cruises, but besides cruising, Allegra is a port operator in several cities on the Montenegrin coast. Allegra has received numerous acknowledgments, praises, successful cooperation and many more confirmations of […]

LIVING ON A BOAT: The first nautical steps

Nautical stories begin very differently. Some people fall in love with boats and sailing boats as children, some develop an interest only later in life, while others see vessels as a sign of their success and a reward for the effort they put into their careers. Naturally, the kind of love towards vessels defines the […]

M/Y “Lejos3” is the fourth Fast 125’ model delivered by Benetti!

As the other yachts of the Fast 125’ models, “Iron Man”, “Constance Joy” and “Skyler”, M/Y “Lejos3” features the Azipull Carbon 65 (AZP C65), a high performance, lightweight, steerable thruster that uses carbon fibre throughout. This innovative propulsion system was designed by Rolls Royce specifically for the Fast 125’ models and delivers excellent performances in […]