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Matjaž Murko, CEO MennYacht Group: Trend is definitely towards bigger boats

Matjaž Murko, CEO MennYacht Group: Trend is definitely towards bigger boats


MennYacht Company, led by Mr. Matjaz Murko, has been successfully sailing the nautical world for 25 years. It is the exclusive representative of the Ferretti Group yacht brands in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the super-fast TechnHull inflatables, the Williams Jet Tenders, and SUR Marine inflatables. Mennyacht has become a regional partner for LAMPUGA Jet surf and Aqua Dive Jet, and they also offer service, charter, insurance, vessel registration and so on.

By constantly improving its business and looking after a large number of satisfied customers, MennYacht is achieving even more enviable results in various markets. We have learned how they manage to do this in conversation with the CEO of the company.


At the annual Ferretti Group meeting, the shipyards recognized and rewarded the best of their representatives and dealers. MennYacht received an award as the Best Seller of the Ferretti Yachts in the world. Mr. Murko, tell us what is the motto of your success?

Perhaps we need to look for the key to our success in the fact that we recognized the potential of boating and motor boats in the Adriatic 25 years ago and started as the Pershing Shipyard representative. In this way, we were present at the very founding of the FERRETTI Group, which put us in a position to expand our range to brands such as Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Itama, Mochi, Custom Line. From the beginning, we have also followed our customers in the after-sales with excellent service. It is easiest to sell the first boat to a client, but to keep the client and sell them three, four or even more vessels over 25 years is a real success. The MennYacht Group received this same award in the season of 2017, while in the biggest crisis of 2011 we were the world’s best sellers of all FERRETTI GROUP brands in total. Such results are only achieved if one does not lose too many clients along the way.

It is well known that the Ferretti Group prepares a special “Private Privilege Event” at the Monaco Yacht Club every year before the Cannes Boat Show, where you make a preview of your fleet, as well as novelties. What are your impressions of this year’s event?

This year Lionel Richie came to us as a music guest and it really was a fantastic concert in front of the Monaco Yacht Club and the entire fleet of our yachts. This type of private concert for our selected guests has been taking place for 4 years and so far Elton John, Duran Duran and Sting have performed.

Monaco is the right place and environment for our clients and for presentation of our fleet and novelties. There, our customers can see the boats in peace, take a sea trial and try out a boat they are considering to buy.

Which of the novelties attracted the most attention of visitors in Cannes?

The real boom happened with Riva. The 90-foot Riva Argo, which rounds up the flybridge range, along with the Riva 100 Corsaro and Riva 110 Dolcevita, was this year’s novelty. These three yachts have been sold in as many as 43 vessels in the last 3 years.

Pershing 8X was also quite attractive, too, with its carbon superstructure, then the new Ferretti 720, Dolceriva replacing the legendary Rivarama, and we must not fail to mention the Custom Line 106 as well.

If you compare sales of new and used boats, which is better and which boats are in higher demand?

Sales of new boats are certainly better, as novelties attract customers and motivate them to replace their existing boats. New technology, modern design, finer materials, better engines and performance are all reasons why a customer is thinking about a new boat, and we offer an upgrade in our fleet. In the last 5 years, we have offered 34 new models to the market, which is a truly staggering number, it requires great investments and a great team of experts and employees, as well as the infrastructure where you will build it all, and FERRETTI GROUP has it all.


Which models have been in the highest demand in 2019 in the region?

If we talk about our region, then these are certainly Ferretti yachts. The Ferretti 670 introduced last year received an excellent market reaction. It offers great solutions that you can only find on much larger yachts. The smaller Ferretti 550 remains the Best SELLER, and the Ferretti 780 and 850 are doing well.

Ferretti yachts have been in great demand in the Adriatic and for the last 25 years, boaters have realized that the quality of our yachts is impeccable, and that is why there is also great interest in used Ferretti boats.

Is it always possible to fulfill your client’s wishes and what are your ways of doing it?

The client is always right! That’s our motto. The client pays us so we really try to meet all the requirements. MennYacht Group in 12 countries offers its clients not only professional service and refit in 10 strategically located servicing centers along the Adriatic coast, but also the possibility of charter, Concierge, Water Toy & Tender program, insurance, registration, recruiting a crew and much more.

How do you see the future of the global nautical industry and in what direction is the development in the region going?

The trend is definitely towards bigger boats. A few years ago, we couldn’t imagine that we would be selling so many yachts of 100 feet and more. It’s harder to sell a 45 or 50-foot boat today than a 100-foot yacht. This indicates a trend of increasing of concentration of wealth. Ferretti Group is following this trend. In 2019, they invested € 25 million in modernizing the infrastructure of the existing Super Yacht shipyard in Ancona. At present, 23 yachts over 30 meters are being built in Ancona – including 5 CRN mega yachts of 60 meters and more.

From 2019 to 2021, it is planned to present 13 new projects from 30 meters up, as well as to build 66 new super and mega yachts. So we expect a lot and it will surely be as exciting as ever at Ferretti Group.

Ferretti Group is known to make plans for several years ahead. We believe that you have defined your ventures for the next year as well. Can you tell us about some surprises for 2020?

As we are the exclusive dealer of this leading nautical group, our business steps are in alignment with theirs. Apart from that, we will be present at nautical events in the region, and I would like to mention the new boat show in Venice, which is always worth a visit not only because of the show. We will also be organizing MennYacht OPEN Days and presenting to our customers our new MY Water Toys & Tenders range.

Last year, we started to represent the luxury and super-fast TechnoHull inflatables, and we have been introducing Williams Jet Tenders and SUR Marine inflatables for years.

The trend is moving more towards other “toys”, so we became a regional partner for LAMPUGA Jet surf and Aqua Dive Jet. These will become a great competition to the popular SeaBob, which has been the only such device on the market so far.

The next event is the boat show in Dusseldorf, where the Ferretti Group is traditionally well represented?

The show in Dusseldorf is in the middle of winter and far away from the sea and our Italian shipyards, so it is difficult for us to bring a fleet of yachts as we do in Cannes. However, as always, we will do our best to introduce some new Ferretti, Pershing and Riva boats. Rumor has it that there might be some surprises at Pershing, as they presented the 8X last year without any announcement … So let’s see what they have prepared for the boot Dusseldorf 2020.

Certainly the MennYacht sales team will be present, and Miodrag Prodanović, who runs our office in Serbia and Montenegro, is looking forward to seeing you.



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