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Pirelli 1100: Exciting Dance on the Waves

Pirelli 1100: Exciting Dance on the Waves


A long-lasting partnership between Pirelli and Tecnorib, based on the vast experience and technological know-how of one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of rigid inflatables with a distinctive and unique style, has created the 1100 model – a basic vessel with clear and undeniable Pirelli DNA.

With the mission of creating a new range of high-speed, specialized boats that feature high performance, maximum quality and ease of handling, the dream team has offered to the market their RIB vessels of unusual and innovative sporty design.

With ten meters in length, this boat is a day-cruiser designed for both adventurous excursions and smooth sea enjoyment, because it has been created as the perfect balance of sporty features and a comfortable living space that give this speedboat complete comfort and a multitude of other advantages.

Equipped with the latest and most up-to-date features, the main asset of the 1100 is a spacious and well-protected cockpit, hidden behind a special carbon-framed windshield, which will make steering of this ‘charmer’ an impressive and exciting experience, and above all – a safe one.

Opposite the aforementioned dominant and central part, there is a set of upholstered benches and a wide aft area featuring two separate and fixed beds. Given that the bow is padded with a small corner seating area, it is clear that comfort of passengers was very high on the designers’ priority list.

The sporty version of the vessel proved to be very practical when there was a need to carry a large number of people, as it can accommodate up to 14 passengers. Although it might seem incredible, the cabin version of this model has a berth for two and quite a decent toilet on the lower deck. It cannot be said that the interior is a luxurious, but all the practical requirements of staying on board will be fully met, as well as all your needs in case you find yourself in a situation that requires spending the night on the sea.

When buying a Pirelli 1100 speedboat, outboard and inboard engines are available as standard, with a fresh water shower, a modular table, a cocktail cabin with fridge and sink, a socket and charger, as well as a removable ladder attached to the edge of the vast aft platform.

Research in the field of design and materials suitable for RIB boats has shown that this Pirelli watercraft is a real hit when it comes to commercial use. Its distinctive uncompromising character will be embraced by all those who have only excitement and adventure in mind. Despite the fact that the hull is pronounced “V” shape and the tubes are positioned unusually high, safety of driving is guaranteed, while the light weight will make the vessel very effective and easy to maneuver.


Technical data:

Overall length: 9.9 m

Beam: 3.5 m

Tube diameter: 0.46-0.64 m

Capacity: 14 persons

Fuel tank: 2 x 350 l

Water tank: 160 l

Engine: 2 x TDI 3.0 260hp DTS Bravo1

2 x 6.2L DTS 350hp Bravo1




Tekst/Text: Marija Milošević



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