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Capelli Tempest 570: Exciting Summer on Water

Capelli Tempest 570: Exciting Summer on Water


City hustle and bustle, temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius and long summer days will sooner or later make you wish to be transported at a speed of light to a sandy shore where the sea seams to be endless. If you let your imagination go a little bit further, you will realize that this scene lacks something like a small and stable RIB boat that will bring an air of adventure and unforgettable excitement into the whole scene.


Actually, the Capelli Tempest 570 is all you need this season. As this vessel of modern shape and lines is easy to handle and transport, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of summer in a completely different way – to get to know all the seemingly inaccessible shores and magical bays, to laugh like children while rushing to meet the waves, or as you lie idle as if you were on a raft swaying lost in the big blue, while the sun tans your skin and gives it a special glow.


It is a comfortable and reliable craft, only five and a half meters long, which guarantees the the highest level of comfort and safety. Made of neoprene and hypalon, the most reliable and durable combination of pneumatic boat materials, this model weighs only 550 kilograms and is powered by a 135 horsepower engine, which will at times make you feel like flying over foamy and wavy sea water.


In the central part of the hull, positioned to the right in order to leave a comfortable passage to the aft, there is a console section that includes all the necessary instruments and steering equipment. A comfortable seat together with a visually very efficient narrow windscreen meet all the requirements that enable a pleasant journey, while at the very front of the boat, the central element of this layout is positioned in the form of a wide bench that provides the best view and perfect feeling while driving.


The bow can be free for access or lined with sun pads, depending on your preferences and wishes, and there is also the possibility of equipping the boat with shower, roll bar, ski bar, additional lighting, bench and seat upholstery, parasol, awning and hydraulic control. Apart from all this, under the seateing furniture there are empty compartments for storage, which will prove to be very practical and even necessary.


Like every RIB watercraft, this Capelli is intended for people who are looking forward to every new day and who are able to embrace with genuine appreciation all the small gifts that life bestowes on them from time to time. If you belong to that group, do not waste your time, but leave the shore on your rubber buddy and enjoy the sunset or dawn of a new day, spend an exciting weekend with friends searching and discovering new landscapes, take your children fishing in the middle of the bay or your loved one on a special picnic on the water … There are many possibilities, all you have to do is put your Tempest on the trailer, pack up the suitcases and set off towards the seaside.


Technical data:

Overall length: 5.66 m

Beam: 2.56 m

Weight: 550 kg

Fuel tank: 90 l

Engine: 1x L (20 ” Shaft) 135 HP



Tekst: Marija Milošević




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