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Dominican Republic: Seductive Caribbean vibrations

Dominican Republic: Seductive Caribbean vibrations


In 1492, Christopher Columbus, during one of his journeys, landed on the coast of the Dominican Republic. Fascinated with the scene before him, he said that it was the most beautiful place his eyes had ever seen. Whether it is a legend or a true story, one thing is certain – no living soul can deny the staggering beauty that this country has in abundance.

Scent of cane, palms and the sea is the first sensation that you feel upon arrival to the Dominican Republic, and then the endless turquoise horizon and the dazzling whiteness of sand shores will roll before your eyes. The country is the pearl of the Caribbean and one of the most developed countries in the region. It occupies the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, borders with Haiti, and along with Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Cuba makes the famous archipelago called the Greater Antilles.

It is interesting that the Dominican Republic is actually a magical blend of diversity and multiculturalism, so that on every corner one can feel the tastes of Spain, France, America and the indigenous tribe of Aravak, both in the local food and beverages and in national melodies. It is an unusual country where rum is produced in streams, but the locals do not drink, where the best quality cigarettes are made, but people do not smoke, where the golden amber glaze can be found at almost every step. It is a land of freedom where it is best to walk barefoot, drink coconut cocktails, enjoy specialties served on a banana leaf, and love life with all your heart.

It is said that the local population is undoubtedly guided by the beauty of life as their basic religion and philosophy, regardless of the hardship and difficulties encountered in everyday life. As a reflection of such a social phenomenon in the streets and neighborhoods one can often hear the sound of seductive rhythms and see happiness and hope inspired dance of slaves – Merengue. In honor of the ancestors and their unbridled spirit, the Dominicans can play at any time of day or night, wherever they find themselves, if the music touches their souls and captures their hearts, and the tourists are more than welcome to join them.

The claim that there is an eternal summer, lasting throughout the whole year, is quite justified, since during the entire twelve months the whole country is bathed in the sun and wrapped in a warm tropical climate. The average annual temperature is 26 ° C. The peak of the tourist season is from December to April, when people from cooler continental regions migrate and seek joy on the coasts of exotic areas, as well as during the period from June to September. However, one should bear in mind that in the north of the country the rain season lasts from November to May, while in the south, rainy days and hurricanes are common during the summer months.

If you are among the lucky ones who will be given an opportunity to visit the country of chameleons and flamingos, fantastic vegetation, unusual energy, window-blinds and flat roofs, you simply have to spend a day in one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the whole world – 50 kilometer long coast Bavaro, then walk the streets of the capital Santo Domingo, which is particularly beautiful in sunrise and dusk. You also must sail to the almost uninhabited isle of Saona where you can experience genuine privacy and peace, and dive under the shore of Sosua in search of the most beautiful coral reefs. Swim with dolphins, go to safari, take a look at the stalls of street vendors, visit the Coconut Coast, and remember that life is made of small things and moments that are remembered for a long time.


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