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Highfield Boats – Leader in RIB Production

Highfield Boats – Leader in RIB Production


Simplicity, quality and bespoke production are the three fundamental principles on which a world-famous brand of inflatable boats originated and developed – Highfield Boats. The company responded to the need for adventure, exploration of vast water areas, skillful maneuvering, fishing and other sports activities by creating a whole series of popular RIB boats that made it to the top of recognized and renowned shipyards in just six years.

Highfield Boats is the leader in the production of so-called rigid-inflatable hull boats with aluminum hull and rigid inflatable parts. It is a brand that was founded in 2011, whose products follow the design heritage of Australian Swift boats, which were designed to combat difficult weather conditions and sail along the Great Coral Reef.

Renowned for its endurance and excellent performance, Highfield has an entire range of boats – from small tenders of only 2.4 meters in length, to spacious and massive craft that can even safely navigate the oceans.

Passion and the desire to satisfy all the needs of their users with each new model, but also to meet the necessary high standards, have encouraged their development engineers to develop a solid and durable base made of aluminum – material characterised by strength, easy reparir, versatility, and above all light weight.

The company’s central production plant follows the latest technology trends and is located in China. Under the European management there is a facility and a plant located on 10,000 square meters that employs over 200 people, and which, thanks to modern operating methods, guarantees production of the best RIBs that money can buy.

What you must know is that all the products and parts in this shipyard are designed using CAD and then cut on CNC machines; that more than 15,000 vessels have been sold so far; and that this fully integrated company is in French-Chinese ownership and organized according to the rules and regulations of European administration.

Socially responsible operating is another aspect in which they have justified the trust thwy were given, since in the construction of boats the company applies only the processes that do not pollute the environment, saving at the same time energy and natural resources, making the environment healthy, safe for their employees, the community, and customers.

Highfield Boats products can be found in as many as 38 countries worldwide, and from this year, Belgrade-based company “CTC Unit” has officially become their general distributor for Serbia.

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