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Frauscher – the secret of emotional engineering

Frauscher – the secret of emotional engineering



Someone once said that man built a boat not merely to obtain a new means of transport, but primarily because of realisation that each crossing of the water and each encounter with vast blue distances caused true hapiness. This seems to be true and these very premises seem to have been the foundations on which in 1927 started Austrian company Frauscher boats, which still strives to turn this idea into reality.

It is a shipyard that has justified its love for boating and its position by setting an example and by its work for three generations; the shipyard that tirelessly continues to create new, impressive vessels with the desire to make their products the best possible link between man and nature.

Tradition, quality and emotion are the three crucial values of the shipyard has never abandoned, and their adventurous spirit, immaculate design and impressive performance are carved into every water craft that has originated from the Frauscher production site.

Synergy of these qualities can best be seen on cruisers such as the enticing and exciting Demon (1414 Demon), defined by sharp and distinctive edges, or the unusual and seductive, somewhat nostalgic charmer with the label 1017 GT.

Speed, luxury, power, adrenaline charge and a smile that you cannot remove from your face best reflect the state of mind and spirit when steering these models, which are no less than a genuine ‘haute couture’ in this industry.

The passion with which the founder of the company, Engelbert Frauscher, built the first vessel almost a century ago, remains tangible and almost contageous even today, as the rare lucky ones who own these beauties claim that only one encounter with the helm and waves is enough to hook you for the whole life.

If we have managed to tickle your curiosity and captivate your imagination, the Frauscher 1017 GT and 858 Fantom will be showcased at this year’s Croatia Boat Show, which will be held from April 10 to 14, and the organizers promise that these vessels will be available for sea trial. Look at them, feel them and try to resist them … we haven’t managed to do so!


Frauscher 1017 GT and 858 Fantom will be on display at CROATIA BOAT SHOW

Text: Marija Milošević



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