Home Presentation Comitti 34 Sport: Powerful Rush of Adrenaline
Comitti 34 Sport: Powerful Rush of Adrenaline

Comitti 34 Sport: Powerful Rush of Adrenaline


If you are a person who finds speed thrilling and spends these days daydreaming about yourself rushing over the vast blue sea in the summer heat, against the wind, over the afternoon waves, we suggest that you take a good look at the Comitti speedboat, and consider the option of docking it in a marina next season as a proud new owner.

With its mean sharp edges, which highlight the superiority of the bow, the Comitti 34 Sport model has a clear goal – to break and cut through every wave that hits its hull. In the center of the boat, under the windshield, there is a protected cockpitto  which designers devoted special attention. The combination of wooden elements and white leather that covers a large L-shaped bench wonderfully showcases this authentic and slightly vintage design solution, and a comfortable seat allows the helmsman to truly enjoy steering and controlling his marine beast.

Under the deck there is a double bed, positioned in a very interesting way, with plenty of storage space at the bottom of the bed as well as around it, then a mirror, bedside lamps, as well as a modern multipractical head compartment with a shower. Basically, there is everything you need if you decide to spend a night or two at the sea.

Behind the console, through a small opening in the backrest of the seating furniture, you can reach the small and narrow aft section, and from there a staircase leads you to the rounded passageway that creates a counterpoint and balance to the modern sporty appearance of the vessel. Still, there is no doubt that the model that is before you was not created for easy cruising along the bay, nor for sunbathing or having a cup of coffee on the deck. It is actually an adrenaline beast that will dance on the water surface at its maximum speed of 48 knots and fill you with euphoria, while the wind and the sea splash and sway from all sides.

In the end, it is enough to say that there are experiences that you cannot put into words, no matter how skilled you may be. The excitement you cannot explain or describe to anyone no matter how hard you may try – the sensation awakened by the sound of the engine running at top power or by a glance at the bow that shoots like an arrow and conquers each and every wave is very hard to describe. That is why we leave it to you to experience this magic by yourself and then let us know about your impressions.


Technical data of Comitti 34 Sport:

Overall length: 10.5 m

Beam: 2.9 m

Capacity: 10 persons

Fuel tank: 500 l

Maximum speed: 48 knots

Engine: Petrol 2 x 320 HP/Diesel 2 x 260 HP



Text: Marija Milošević



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