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Nord Star 49: 49 Feet of Finnish Luxury

Nord Star 49: 49 Feet of Finnish Luxury


Big, bigger, the biggest! The fever of building larger boats and yachts, which destroyed a large part of the nautical industry ten years ago, is starting again. But, apparently, shipbuilders have learned something, since larger projects are not accepted irrationally. At least that’s the case in Finland, where they are also heading towards longer boats, but slowly and cautiously. And so for now, the largest Finnish yacht of serial production is Nord Star 49.

For all seas and specific tastes

Shape of the hull is determined by the sea, and this is not the same in the north of Europe as in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, or the Komo Lake. Because of this, the Nord Star 49 is shaped like a solid and powerful yacht, which at first glance slightly resembles work boats, but only until you notice the excellent finnishing of top-of-the-range materials and carefully designed details. If you want a sports speedboat, then Nord Star is not for you, but if you are looking for a safe, reliable, fast, and comfortable vessel both for the crew and guests, read on.

The Nord Star 49 is an excellent combination of safety and exceptional navigational performance on one hand, and comfort with enough space on the other hand. At the very first step on her large aft platform you can feel that you are on a serious vessel, which does not have a lot of make-up space. Each detail has its purpose, so the end result is first of all a good feeling for the skipper, crew and guests.

The deck is well protected by high sides with an additional railings, so the passage to the bow over wide sidewalks is as easy as a walk around a park. On the bow there is a huge sundeck, a lot of space to move when berthing or handling the anchor and a safe passage to the pier, if you are tied by the bow. When you are at the anchor or in a marina, you can supplement the bench and table in the cockpit with additional chairs and enjoy the wind when you are underway. But the best outdoor space is surely on the roof! The front of the flybridge is occupied by one steering console and three seats, while at the back there is a large “L-shaped” bench, a table, as well as outdoor summer kitchen. Above your head is an awning, so this place is ideal for late breakfast, lunch or a romantic dinner.

Indoor Space

Scandinavians like to sail on their boats not only in sunny weather, so it is therefore extremely important that the skipper has complete control. Forget about small windows and the claustrophobic helmsman’s position with a uncomfortable bench, aboard the Nord Star 49 the skipper is the king. All this completely changes the feeling that you get when you sit on the skipper’s seat. Visibility is perfect to all directions, all information is provided on three large screens, and there are very few different buttons. Only the basic ones, in fact, because all the rests can be settled by touching the touch screen.

Aboard the Nord Star, the skipper’s position is placed in the center of the interior, so the salon seems to be forgotten by everyone. But this is not entirely true, because the salon with a large “L” bench and table, which can be extended to twice its original size, is large enough for all guests on the yacht. When guests and hungry, you will need a large galley, just like the one on the Nord Star 49. It is located next to the entrance to the lounge and when the sliding door is open, a part of the galley can be used as a cockpit guest bar.

Excellent Sleeping

There are two cabins to the front of the yacht. The owner’s cabin is located in the center of the hull under the lounge, and the VIP cabin is in the bow. Each has its own head compartmnt, and the master cabin is, of course, much larger. If you expect to see a lot of decorative and design elements, you will be disappointed, because the motto on this vessel is: less means more aboard the Nord Star. The cabins are made in a minimalist style, but tastefully and using top-of-the-range materials. The berths are large enough for a night rest, and the head compartments have separate shower cabins. The cabins and other spaces are made of excellent materials, and in the Scandinavian manner wood has a special place. Even in the bathroom there are more wooden elements than plastic. The main cabin extends over the entire beam and on each side there are windows almost at the waterline level, and with its tranquil design it is great for a night rest. The VIP cabin is smaller, without many unnecessary accessories and also focused only on one goal – a pleasant feeling of the guests and a good night’s sleep.
In addition to the guest cabins, there is also a skipper’s cabin. The entrance is through the galley, and there is plenty of room and light in the cabin.

When Underway

The North Sea, waves, wind and navigation throughout the year, these are the areas where Nord Star 49 feels at home. In fact, every part of the Nord Star is made for safe navigation and a pleasant feeling of her crew, no matter what weather and sea conditions you sail. When it is sunny, the best place for the skipper is on the flybridge, but it is even better when the sun is replaced by rain, wind and waves. The feeling at the helm is really amazing! Forward sloping windows, excellent skipper’s seat, all data clearly visible and full control of this 16 ton heavy yacht with two Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines of 435 hp, this is the right recipe for every sea. Without waves we achieved a maximum speed of 33 knots and the boat provided instant feedback to each and every movement of the helm. Then we looked for the largest stern-hitting waves and again- as if there had been none. Confident, powerful and with 3000 revolutions and a speed of 27 knots. Sheer pleasure! This speed is considered a cruising speed, and fuel consumption is 128 liters per hour. Throughout my sea-trial, turns and other figures on the sea, my Finnish counterpart was peacefully sitting at the salon table and writing down information in his notebook. Then we moved to the flybridge, and during the voyage, I started walking about the deck from the cockpit to the bow and back. Apart from strong wind, I did not have any problems, because a solid handrail is at hand at any time.
When we returned to the marina, we opened the hatch on the aft wall, under which the fenders were neatly placed. For simple maneuvers in a marina, you can use controls in the cockpit, which makes “parking” is quite simple, and the skipper can more accurately control reaching a berth.

For the basic model Nord Star 49 you will need almost 700,000 EUR, and with additional equipment, the price can easily reach as much as 900,000. Is that much? In fact, it depends on whether you are buying a yacht for yourself or to be seen. If you need a reliable, powerful, fast, high-quality boat with an interesting look and elegant interior, then you can not fail with the Nord Star 49.

Technical data of Nord Star 49:

Length: 15.45 m
Beam: 4.15 m
Draft: 1.20
Displacement: 14,000 kg
Fuel: 1500 l
Water: 342 l
Engine: 2 x Volvo Penta IPS 600
Maximum speed / revolutions: 33 kt (61.1 km / h) / 3450
Base price in EUR (excl. VAT): 697.500
CE certificate: A
Manufacturer: Linex-boat Oy, Finland





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