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Miona Badžević Anđelković: Extreme Sports Increasingly Popular with Women!

Miona Badžević Anđelković: Extreme Sports Increasingly Popular with Women!


Jet Surf, a motorized power board water sport that requires skill and ability to control high speed boards, has gained great popularity and application not only in recreational terms, but also among racers for the slalom race. Extraordinary maneuvering capabilities, robustness, stability and speed determine a special dynamics and driving style, completely consistent and perfectly adapted for special water experience. Due to adrenaline style and extra features, Jet Surf attracts a lot of attention and just lures you to try and experience something new.
The most successful contestants in both women’s and men’s competitions are from the Czech Republic, the country that is also the cradle of this sport. Miona Badžević Anđelković is currently the only person from Serbia who has been trained at the Jet Surf Academy in the Czech Republic and she was a part of a major tour where she was the only female test driver.
Dear Miona, thank you for taking the time and allowing us to get to know more about your work.

N: Jet Surf has experienced a worldwide expansion, especially in Europe, in the last couple of years. The Czech Republic is the cradle of this sport, and you are the only person from Serbia who has completed training at the Jet Surf Academy. Can you tell us more about this adrenaline water sport?
M.B.A .: Czech Republic is the cradle of Jet Surf. The creator of the motorboard is Martin Sula, a passionate surfer and racer. I had the opportunity to personally meet him in Brno during the World Cup. There are other motor boards, by other manufacturers – Mako, Lampuga, Onean, Radinn, Waterwolf… They are mostly electrically powered and significantly slower than the Czech Jetsurf and do not belong to racing boards. They also vary in size.
Jet Surf is slightly bigger than a wake board and has an integrated powerful motor. The board weighs about twenty kilos with a full tank and reaches a speed of 60km / h. The board sinks in water, which means that you can’t first step on the board and turn the ignition and wait for it to start moving. The most demanding part is getting into vertical position on the board, the starting position is to lie on your stomach when starting the board as it starts to glide and at full speed you have to get up to your knees, position the feet in the right place and slowly raise from squatting to the standing position. Further control of the board is similar to Wakeboard or Snowboard driving, shifting the weight from your toes to heels makes you turn left or right depending on your front leg because this is a classic lateral movement similar to a skateboard.
Having previous experience with wakeboard helped me a lot, my training lasted significantly shorter … after only twenty minutes of training on the first day at the academy I managed to get up on the board.

N: How long have you been in JetSurf?
M.B.A .: I went to the Jet Surf Academy in Brno three years ago. It was my birthday present! The training was great … Good drill preparation, lots of falls into the water, but everything was filled with great socializing. Then I met more or less everyone in JetSurf … Martina Luksider who personally trained me (she was second or third on the world rankings at the time). In how many sports can you boast of being trained by world champions personally? Of course this sport is still at the very beginning and I believe it will have a great expansion.

N: How much is JetSurf among women? What is the competition in this sport?
M.B.A .: There are fewer woman than men because this is recognized as an extreme sport, but I think that the number of female contestants has doubled over the past year, which is certainly a positive change.
For an example… Two years ago when I was in Israel in their Jet Surf Club I was the only woman and I was asked if it was ok to shoot while I was driving and whether I have the Israeli papers to take me as a member of the club. … And wherever the country and for whatever club I was driving, the question was the same: “Can we shoot you and take pictures while you are driving because we are trying to promote this sport with women too …” Now, of course, this has changed because extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular with women as well.

N: What did the beginnings of your professional career look like?
M.B.A .: The beginning of my professional career (although this is my ‘professional hobby’) was last year when I got a call from Wayne Brookes, founder and owner of the JetboardLimited company, the only one that unites all the manufacturers of motorboards in the world. The invitation was to join their world tour “Jet board testing tour” as the only female driver. In fact, I was a TEST driver of all the existing boards manufactured so far and that only Jetboard Limited has all in one place. This tour began in Monaco at the Monaco Yacht Show and ended with a race in Spain in Benindorm.

N: Congratulations on your success in Spain when you won the race, regardless of male contestants in the competition.
MBA: The reason I was faster than the other contestants (men) in the famous race in Spain is that we were all riding boards with the same motor and with my 65kg I was at least ten or fifteen kilos lighter than other racers …: ) This is in a way a jockey sport, favored contestants are those who have lower body weight and height, and in this respect, it’s clear that in competition I wouldn’t stand a chance against women who have between 45 and 55 kg and are much shorter than I am.

N: What are your future plans?
M.B.A .: Jet Surf is a sport that I want to do as long as I can … I am 37 years old and have two children. I don’t see myself as a professional racer because I don’t have all the necessary conditions for that. For the beginning, height or weight. My ranking at competitions will remain at the level of local club competitions because I don’t have my own racing board. (The price of a Jetsurf racing board “Titanium race” is about 15,000 euros!) When I ride in Spain or France, clubs provide a board for me. In Belgrade I ride Wake on Ada in order to stay in good shape. On the other hand, the role of the only female Test driver really suits me as I get invitations from around the world to travel and test boards.
And the next thing I want to try to master is the hovering E-Foil and Just-Lift motor boards. These are the boards that you probably saw this summer on video clips on social networks. Once it starts planing, the board rises half a meter above the water surface and at that height continues to surf. It looks unreal. Wish me luck, I’ll need it!

N: What would you tell people who want to try out this sport?
M.B.A .: Jetsurfingnation is a youtube channel that follows motorboards by all manufacturers’ and I worked with them most. All revisions of the boards and all the reports from Monaco I did for them. Whoever wants to be informed about this sport on the water, all the necessary information can be found on the JetBoard Limited and Jetsurfingnation websites.

N: Will you also promote new models at the Monaco Yacht Show this year?
M.B.A .: This year I was invited to participate at the MYS, but my departure will depend on family and business obligations in Belgrade. I run a private sports and recreational center “Sports Academy Senjak”. The job is important, but children are still at the first place. I have absolute support from my sons, who are six and eight years old and think their mom is Superman. 🙂

Photo: Piter Andersen




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