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Nautika at 58th Genoa Boat Show!

Nautika at 58th Genoa Boat Show!


Genoa Boat Show, held this year from 20 to 25 September, is slowly returning to the position of one of the world’s largest fairs of sailing boats, motor yachts and boats. There were over 950 brands, and this year there were another 60 new exhibitors, most of them foreign.

At the 58th nautical fair in Genoa, over 1000 vessels were presented, including four traditional types: sailing boats, inflatable boats, motor boats and motor yachts.
The greatest achievements of this industry, nautical equipment, accessories, as well as various water sports, and many other interesting features have been presented. The whole experience during the six days of the fair was completed by a nice time. Nautike team recorded all the most important premiere, tested several of the latest craft and interviewed important people on the world’s nautical scene.

Foto: Salone Nautico Press



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