Home Presentation Yamaha FX cruiser SVHO: It’s time to have fun on the water!!
Yamaha FX cruiser SVHO: It’s time to have fun on the water!!

Yamaha FX cruiser SVHO: It’s time to have fun on the water!!


Yamaha scooters provide real advancement in terms of luxury and navigation performance – every detail is designed to delight you and make your time on the water more pleasant.

Cruiser SVHO is extremely comfortable. It has luxury wide and comfortable seating for three persons adapted for long-distance rides and easy jumping on small waves. High-quality handlebars make it easy to shift from forward to reverse, and there is also cruise control, to avoid putting too much strain on your wrist.

Numerous features rank this model among the best quality scooters and jets. Cruise Controls provide a reliable and safe way of riding control. This is a powerful, robust, stable and fast cruiser, adapted by its construction to various situations, which will provide a feeling of joy in riding it.

Super Vortex High Output engine quickly and easily moves into action to achieve planing speeds. The lightweight NanoXcel®2 hull takes all the power it receives in the scooter’s rear and adjusts to current hydrodynamic conditions.

The technically proven electronic systems are used for various steering control modes: the famous RiDE intuitive system, electronic throttle control, Cruise Mode – significant assistance at the cruising speed, No-Wake Mode, electronic trim.

Scooter SVHO with an 1812cc engine EFI mode provides a high level of comfort and practical look to the dashboard, which electronically displays compass, amount of fuel, oil and engine temperature and speed.

Technical characteristics
Length: 3.56 m
Width: 1.23 m
Height: 1.23 m
Weight: 379 kg
Fuel capacity: 70 l
Engine: 1812cc, 4 stroke, Super Vortex High Output, DOHC
Number of valves per cylinder: 4
Number of cylinders: 4



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