Home Equipment Strongest and Largest Engine Meets Highest Demands!
Strongest and Largest Engine Meets Highest Demands!

Strongest and Largest Engine Meets Highest Demands!


Outboard engine F350 is a unique V8 model with 8 cylinders and 32 valves. An engine that produces high output of 350 horsepower with its 5.3 liters makes this the most powerful model offered by Yamaha in its wide product range.
This is the right solution for larger vessels and represents a real technological revolution with many details and features it possesses. The 4-stroke model ideally combines a unique level of power and torque with sophisticated performance that is required today by almost all advanced large vessels.
The EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system of Yamaha ensures smooth performance and maximum fuel efficiency throughout the whole transmission range.
Its size and power seem stunning, while the technology used in this engine’s construction has made this model surprisingly lightweight and compact. Its weight ranges from 350 to 360 kilograms.
PrimeStart ™ starting is simple and easy, just like in a car, while digital “drive-by-wire” technology provides precise steering and remote control DBW.

Among other details that are very important and useful are:
• Precision digital electronic throttle / transmission control and start / stop button for impulse starting of the engine.
• Digital network gauges according to selection (standard and premium) with synchronization of operation in double or multiple installations.
• Electronic Shift Dampener System (SDS) for smoother transmission with precisely adjustable rpm.
• System tilt limiter as standard equipment and Y-COP Yamaha Customer outboard protection system in option.
• High power alternator with possible dual battery charging system.
• Multiple types of protective sensors, from which we highlight the sensor to prevent engine starting.
Technical data
Engine type: 4-stroke
Volume: 5,330 cm³
Number of cylinders / Configuration: 60 ° -V8, 32-valve, DOHC with VCT
Diameter x Stroke: 94.0 mm x 96.0 mm,
Propeller power at medium speed/rev: 257.4 kW / 5.500 rpm
Max. No / rev: 5,000 – 6,000 rpm
Lubrication system: Wet cartridge
Recommended height of the stern transom: X: 637mm U: 764mm
Weight with propeller: F350AETX: 356.0 kg, FL350AETX: 356.0 kg, F350AETU: 364.0 kg, FL350AETU: 364.0 kg
Fuel tank capacity:
Capacity of oil tank: 6.5 liters



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