Home Presentation BRABUS Shadow 800 Axopar: Watch-Controlled Luxury Boat!
BRABUS Shadow 800 Axopar: Watch-Controlled Luxury Boat!

BRABUS Shadow 800 Axopar: Watch-Controlled Luxury Boat!


Renowned German high-performance car manufacturer BRABUS GmbH, has initiated cooperation with Axopar Boats Oy, the fastest growing boat-builder in Europe, in order to produce under its license a new range of luxury “hyper” boats with exceptional design and performance characteristics typical of BRABUS.

At the recently finished boat show in Düsseldorf, they showcased a fast boat – BRABUS Shadow 800 limited edition, and the Nautika team attended the world premiere of this hyper-fast, hyper-exciting tender boat.
This new Axopar, the extravagant BRABUS, is a limited series of 20 boats built on the basis of Axopar 37 and represents a harmony of power and precision, where design elements are focused on a powerful hull construction, good maritime capabilities and safe navigation. Shadow 800 is a boat for supporting yachts like “go-anywhere”. “The Brabus Shadow 800 is an exclusive model and even its name indicates that you can use it as a support when you have a large yacht. You can use it when you want to go fishing or swimming in small bays. The boat has many interesting features, ” said Mr. Bodo Buschmann, President of BRABUS.
Unique design and state-of-the-art technology follows the BRABUS philosophy, so the Axopar BRABUS Shadow 800 uses only the state-of-the-art materials and equipment. Handrails made of stainless steel and pillars are black, the cockpit seats are covered with Sunbrella Silvertek, while seats in the cabin are in BRABUS Fine Leather, with extensive use of the Alcantar. Even the tiniest details, such as hinges, knobs and cup holders, are made of stainless steel and have a distinctive Titanium finish formed by a thermal process called the ‘Physical Vapor Deposition’.
The Shadow 800, 37 feet long, has two outboard Mercury Verado engines each of 400 hp that provide top performance, speed and great power to overcome any situation on the water. Standard Shadow 800 equipment includes easy and fast control commands with a 360 degree JPO joystick, as well as a built-in intelligent autopilot system. Two GPS touch screens, underwater cameras and multiple electronic sensors, are constantly monitoring all changes in the surroundings on the water, allowing real-time control of the situation.
All owners of the BRABUS Shadow will receive a new generation of Garmin Quatix 5 multisport maritime watch of the new generation as part of the package. The BRABUS control panel “Touch-To-Can” controls internal and external ambient lighting, and there is even a small security vault device for high-value items such as jewelry and watches.
“On the boat there are storage boxes, refrigerator, ice maker, underwater cameras … all the toys you can imagine right now. We also have a night vision camera, an infotainment system, the latest radar and navigation system. Everything is actually the art of technology. Brabus has state-of-the-art technology, such as Touch-To-Can screens that control indoor and outdoor ambient lighting. Everything on the ship is electronically connected, ” Mr. Buschmann told us.

Technical specifications:
Length over all: 11.20 m
Width: 3.30 m
Draft: 0.85 m
Engines: max. 2 x 400 hp Twin 400hp
Mercury Verado® 400R
Number of passengers 10 for C category
12 for B category
Number of seats 7
Fuel capacity 730 l
Maximum speed: over 50 knots.

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