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Golden Marlyn: Luxurious Wooden Yacht for Sports Fishing!

Golden Marlyn: Luxurious Wooden Yacht for Sports Fishing!


After ten months of work, sketching, calculations and research, young designer Nebojša Aničić from Čačak, created a new concept of luxury wooden yacht for sports fishing

The main goal of this venture was to create a luxury cruiser ideal for summer conditions, since such yachts are rare nowadays. He worked on the project for a total of 10 months, from market research, developing ideas and sketches, 3D modeling, to final rendering and posters. The first phase involved drawing sketches, exploring shapes and forms, then developing a yacht in perspective, all the way up to projections and final designs on paper. The second phase was modeling of the yacht in 3D software (Rhinoceros) according to the final sketches.
“Since a wooden yacht is very difficult for modeling and it consists of several layers of wood, in the 3D program I had over 700 layers. The 3D program work process lasted for 6 months and thousands of hours of work. According to the method of making Van Dam Custom Boats, I also developed a detailed skeleton of a boat that was displayed on one render, ” this engineer of industrial design revealed to us.
The third phase, which lasted for two months, was materialization, i.e. mapping materials to the finished yacht model in Keyshot. It required selection of wood and positioning of rings, adjustment of lighting, wallpaper, and so on. The fourth phase involved rendering mapped yacht model in Keyshot and rendering in Photoshop and making final posters.
This luxury yacht for sports fishing, named “Golden Marlyn”, is 14 meters long and unique in design, made of precious mahogany. The cockpit features a command bridge for pilot and co-pilot and is equipped with the latest Garmin GPS system. Sport seats, accessories and all controls enable maximum enjoyment in sports fishing. There are two small tables in the open cabin, as well as benches in which two refrigerators and four additional storage drawers are installed. Below the deck, there is space for two diesel engines.
In the indoor cabin, totaling 6 m in length, there is a fully equipped bathroom, bedroom, dining room and living room. In addition, there are also rooms for fuel and water.
The aft deck, or the fishing area, contains an additional drawer for accessories, 14 rod holders, two large ice chambers for freezing fish, a special chair for extreme fishing, a gateway for boarding or taking fish, as well as a platform for taking fish and getting on board. There are also 19 bollards for tying ropes, which are at the same level as the wooden part and extracted only when needed, as well as numerous LED lights, guardrails and roof grips, anchor and bow platform for disembarking.

Concept of the Golden Marlyn design is retro-modern, organic forms and sleek rounded lines. For the design of the lower part of the hull, the young designer chose a sharp and dynamic look.
“The idea of this project was to design a wooden luxury cruiser for sports fishing intended for summer conditions, because such wooden yachts are rare,” Nebojša told us.
Specific features of Golden Marlyn are retro details from the 30s to the 60s, such as one steel plating below the railings, i.e. the ledge, which extends all the way to the bow, and the other below the windshield, portholes and other metal details, as well as the seats upholstered in white leather and the roof and hull in white.
An important feature of this yacht is the rounded sides of the vessel from steps to the aft platform, especially designed for fishing (standard yachts are in the form of a rectangle).
“When a fisherman sits on a chair having caught a fish on a hook, the fish swims left or right, and when the chair is swivels towards the fish, then the fisherman and the chair follow the rounded shape of the aft. Likewise, the fisherman’s assistant sometimes leans on the sides or bends over to take the fish. Because of this, the aft part of the boat is semi-circular and the edges are also rounded, ” Nebojša explains.
Characteristics of the vessel
Length over all: 14.00 m
Beam over all: 3.60 m
Height over all: 4.00 m
Height keel to front deck: 2.15 m
Height keel to cabin roof top: 3.75 m
Engines: 2 x 450 hp turbo (65 mph)
Cabins: 2
Indoor cabin length 6.00 m
Materials: high veneer mahogany wood, stainless steel guardrails split at the bow, chrome, etc.
Number of passengers: 8
Number of berths: 2 + 2

Box: About the designer
Nebojša Aničić was born in Čačak in 1990. In elementary school he discovered his love of art, particularly drawing. In 2009 he enrolled the Faculty of Art and Design – Megatrend University, Department of Industrial Design. At the age of 19, he designed his first bicycle and this project was presented in the daily newspapers at the time. After extensive research, for his graduation project, Nebojša designed a luxury mahogany yacht for sports fishing, and his inspiration were Van Dam Custom Boats and Chris-Craft Boats.



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