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Flying Mantis: New trimaran from UK!

Flying Mantis: New trimaran from UK!


The first year’s boat show in LONDON BOAT SHOW 2018, which was held from 10 to 14 January, exhibitors presented interesting premieres its achievements and impressive vessel.

One of the world’s most interesting new innovations is the carbon triple-show Flying Mantis from Great Britain, which attracts attention with its characteristics and dimensions, and especially its small weight of only 45 kg. This all-powerful long-distance sailing boat, 4.65 meters in length and 2.4 meters wide, is the latest trimaran built of carbon for solo sailing. Designed to provide flexibility, speed and excitement to sailors of all sizes and ages, it is a true adrenaline sailing boat.

High performance and sailing on the multipurpose boat is a unique feeling that can now be experienced even at lenghts less than 5 meters where sailors will gain good experience and make good preparations for regattas or simply enjoy their abilities merged with the power of the wind and their skills.

Source: http://www.flyingmantis.uk/the-boat/, https://www.londonboatshow.com/boats/flying-mantis



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