Home Presentation MANTA 700R JET: Inflatable Boat of Exceptional Maneuverability!
MANTA 700R JET: Inflatable Boat of Exceptional Maneuverability!

MANTA 700R JET: Inflatable Boat of Exceptional Maneuverability!


During the Biograd Boat Show, our team had the opportunity to attend a sea trial of a very interesting boat

Considering its length of 6.95 meters, Manta 700R JET is a very lightweight vessel, weighing only 800 kilograms. This dinghy features excellent design solutions. The base of the hull is made of reinforced polyester, and the tubes are produced of high quality material.

The place where the 220-horsepower engine is mounted has rounded sides, so the tubes are compactly fitted in their positions. In this way, a solid vessel has been obtained and a strong construction created that can provide excellent performance. The diameter of the tubes is 57 centimeters, which is an excellent volume for this size of boat from the standpoint of stability and hydrodynamics.

A high-quality Finnish Alamarin drive ensures maximum power utilization, and the vessel has a minimal draft. For this reason, the Manta 700R JET is an ideal boat for shallow waters, as you can navigate and perform various maneuvers without any fear, and landing is possible in all types of conditions and various coastal terrains. In addition, there is a high level of equipment on the boat. Simrad electronics provides excellent control and monitoring of engine performance.

The console is nicely designed and adapted to the steering position from which the helmsman has good visibility. There is a windscreen that protects against frontal wind and splashes, while numerous safety grab handles make staying aboard safer. To the bow, in an enclosed space, the anchor with equipment is located, suitable for this type of vessel and easy handling.

A large teak plated platform to the aft makes it easy for swimmers to get out of the water, and there is also a place reserved for sun enthusiasts. An original rollbar forms an elegant arch, giving the boat a distinctive look. On both sides of the rollbar, all around it, a long grip of stainless steel is mounted.

We got a firsthand confirmation that Manta 700R JET is a dinghy of exceptional maneuverability, characterized by stability, fantastic 360-degree turns and excellent navigational characteristics. During the sea trial, the conditions on the water were not very favourable- the Adriatic was a little bit rough, it was rainy and windy. However, none of that influenced safety of this vessel and enjoyment in the incredible possibilities it provided; these unfavorable conditions only highlighted the vessels best features.

Technical data:

Length: 6.95 m
Beam: 2.68 m
Chambers: 6
Weight of empty vessel: 800 kg
Tube diameter: 57 cm
Tube material: hypalon 1760dtx (Orca)
Hull material: reinforced polyester
Number of persons: 10
Maximum engine power: 220 hp
Shaft length: XL
Fuel tank: 190 l




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