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GLIDER SS18: New Dimension of Luxury on the Water!

GLIDER SS18: New Dimension of Luxury on the Water!


Pleasant atmosphere and the feeling of floating above the water, as if you were in an airplane, provide a completely new and unique experience…

At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, our attention was drawn to Glider, a brand new type of vessel originating from many years of work of British engineering, research and design, and hand-made by craftsmen who use the best materials available on the market.

The final result is a premium quality vessel with unmatched performance, comfort and driving comfort. Creator of this model, Robert McCall, was keen to present this sensational project exclusively to our readers.

Glider SS18 is a vessel we’ve been working on for ten years, with precise planning, design, and world-class engineering – using best practice and expertise from Formula 1 and the aviation industry. The boat is distinguished by the unique form of the hull, the materials used and its own stability control system. The vessel was built without any compromise – we used only the best of everything.

Two long narrow hulls that are more in water than on the surface, carry the whole construction that is raised high above the water. On four high carriers, the cockpit is connected by two broad-mounted hulls. This boat contains everything to make your ride as smooth as possible, from comfortable sports seats for four persons, pilot’s central position with a butterfly-style steering wheel, two large displays, all the way to the fridge for keeping beverages and special snacks cold. The futuristic-looking helm will make your navigation easier with Garmin navigation and control screens.

“We have two touch-screen Garmin monitors on which you can control all parameters. There is also a navigation system that enables very simple control of the vessel. All four engines, temperature, reservoir, speed- all these can be displayed on them,” said Mr. McCall.

The SS18 is a vessel intended for fast crossing from place to place and coastal navigation. A very serious construction made of aluminum and modern composites has made it possible to create this perfect super-vessel of catamaran type, capable of simply flying over the waves without feeling them at all and not affecting the speed and navigation. This innovation in the nautical world is eighteen meters long and 3.5 meters wide. It has a relatively shallow draft with narrow hulls of 0.4 meters. Smooth navigation is enabled by her state-of-the-art electronic system for controlling the stability of SCS and thus the vessel achieves high speed with minimum resistance and with very low power loss while fighting water resistance. Autonomy of navigation with this model is 130 nautical miles. However, with the option of increased capacity of fuel tanks, the autonomy of navigation can be increased to 340 nautical miles.

“You can drive the boat in sporty or comfortable mode. The control panel has four accelerators, two for comfortable driving, and two for super speed driving. The boat is incredibly stable on the open sea. With two engines, you can achieve a speed of up to 30 knots. It’s extremely easy to steer,” McCall said.

In the open cockpit everything looks as if you were in a sporty luxury car.
“When you look inside the boat, you will notice that the design is made like in the best cars – like Rolls Royce or Bentley. The seats are made of carbon fibers, brushed aluminum and elegant upholstery in blue leather and grey Alcantara. The sound system is acoustically designed because audio engineers have made an excellent project design and we have incredible sound on this boat. You can play music from your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Behind the two back seats, there is a small champagne coolbox, as well as a UK and a European socket where you can charge a cell phone or use a laptop without the fear that your battery will be empty. At the end of the cockpit there is a space for storage of things, big enough for five people to pack for a trip of several days,” said Mr McCall, who pointed out that this vessel is intended for younger generations who do not want a yacht like their grandfathers or fathers used to have- they want something fast, stable and different.

In the upcoming period, GLIDER YACHT company plans to develop innovative super-yachts with the same concept, ranging from 30 to 80 meters. Additionally, Robert McCall has revealed to us that the MYS2018 will see the premiere of Glider Yachts Limousine SL 24, designed for a maximum of twelve guests.

Technical characteristics:

Length: 18 m
Beam: 3.5 m
Draft: 0.4 m
Engine SS18: 4 x Yamaha 300 hp
Power SS18: 1,200 bhp
Speed: up to 56 knots
Cruising speed: 24 knots
Capacity: 4+ pilot




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