Home Equipment OUTBOARD MOTORS YAMAHA F9.9J i F8C: For those who want power, performance and mobility!
OUTBOARD MOTORS YAMAHA F9.9J i F8C: For those who want power, performance and mobility!

OUTBOARD MOTORS YAMAHA F9.9J i F8C: For those who want power, performance and mobility!


You have decided to spend a day at your favorite spot- in a bay, by boat, with your family and friends. What you need for this enjoyable activity is a safe, reliable, fast and efficient engine. From a wide range of high-quality Yamaha outboard engines, we present two very popular new and modernised engines: F9.9J and F8C. With proven good performance and advanced design, these engines achieve an excellent level of reliability and provide strong support on the water.

Yamaha F9.9J features sporty look and elegant design that both complement shape of any boat, creating a complete and unified appearance, regardless of the number of engines (one or more). F9.9J, along with the new Sport Cowl line, is designed to complement the range Yamaha V Max SHO.

Ultra low emission, small size and 12 percent less weight than the previous model, as well as improved maneuverability, are the main advantages of this popular engine. This is an engine of 7.3 kW and 5,500 rev / min, with manual or remote controls and electronic start. Good ergonomic position of handles allows easy portability and storage in a small space.

It is a safe and versatile engine, perfect for medium-size boats, portable, with easy mounting and maintenance. Recommended for fishing trips and day cruises in coastal waters. It also makes a perfect auxiliary engine on larger vessels, such as sailboats or small yachts, or as a main engine for supporting RIB boats.

YamahaF8C, newly presented outboard engine for this year, provides excellent efficiency of maximum power and takes up minimum space on a boat.

Smooth operating, redesigned switch, shorter handle, and a new line of the engine all together create a modern look and enable stability in navigation, along with incredible maneuverability. With its 5.9 kW and 5,500 rev / min, YamahaF8C achieves excellent performance, being particularly suitable for small rubber dinghies and RIB boats.

Smart innovation called Easy Oil Retention System simplifies storage of the engine and mounting on the side or front grip with no oil leakage from it. This is a very efficient and economical engine, which achieves significant savings in its operation. Another advantage is the possibility to navigate in shallow waters, as it has a built-in 5-Step Trim Adjustment and 3-Step Shallow Water Drive setting systems.

Features such as: simple use of throttle and easy placing in the most favorable position for steering, compact and efficient engine design, superior output and torque that enable powerful operating, big handle convenient for portability, start up protection system, sound warning of low pressure of the engine oil, high power, low weight, perfect style are advantages for selection of the engine to achieve your perfect time on the water.

For further information, please contact the dealer: Yamaha Plattner Serbia.



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