Home Presentation Megayachts MOONEN: A new concept of superyacht – NAVARINO 47m
MOONEN: A new concept of superyacht – NAVARINO 47m

MOONEN: A new concept of superyacht – NAVARINO 47m


The concept of the new yacht Navarino, coming from the Italian Moonen shipyard, combines elegance with modern design typical of research yachts. This ship is a great example of the current trend of popular among customers. It is a research vessel, but luxuriously and comfortably equipped. The project was presented at this year’s Super Yacht Fair in Monaco, where it attracted great attention and interest of visitors.

One of the key features is that the hull and main deck are individual entities, which provide great advantages in terms of strength, stiffness and weight. Superb interior and optimum use of space makes Navarino (500 GT) one of the largest superyachts on the market.

The last deck is lifted up to the beach club level, creating a huge space so that guests can enjoy under the clear sky and close to the water. Stairs lead to the gigantic main lounge, phenomenally lit.

The use of sustainable materials and solar panels, clean exhaust gases, renewable energy sources and hybrid drive are just some of the benefits of this project. Longer shipping and expeditions will be enabled thanks to the large storage capacity (50,000 liters of fuel and 12,000 liters of fresh water).




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