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Canados 808 Maximus 24m

Canados 808 Maximus 24m


Comes to the Cannes Yachting Festival

The 24 meter long luxury motor yacht of the glamorous style, designed by Marco Casali – Too Design, is powered by two MAN V12 engines, which allow it to have a maximum speed between 25 and 30 knots.

The Canados 808 is designed to combine the famous tradition of super-luxury Canados yachts with new solutions that require more volume and better space utilization. The shipyard used Kevlar material to reduce the upper mass of the vessel and achieve greater stability in the yacht.

The front part has a place to stay and sunbathe with more privacy, when the yacht is tied to stern offshore in the marinas. One of the general characteristics of the yacht is that it has two proprietary apartments. One on the main deck, the other on the lower deck where there are double guest cabins. This is the first version of the yacht. The second version is with five cabins and keeps the main apartment on the main deck and in the lower part of the four guest cabins. The aim was to create a special space for a proprietary apartment, completely independent of guests, which was obtained by having the main deck slightly raised by three levels. This resulted in a large roof area.

The stern deck and saloon connects the circular veranda, which allows this space to be transformed into a single unit. The fliibridge has a dining room for eight people and a lounge with a round table with another sunbathing area. The salon is brightly colored with natural light due to large windows and it has an excellent panoramic view of the sea.

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