Home Equipment LIFT FOILS – Electric, flying surfboard
LIFT FOILS – Electric, flying surfboard

LIFT FOILS – Electric, flying surfboard


With a wing under the board, surfing is extraordinary. You can float above the surface of the water, smoothly and sensational as if you were on waves, only this time you are faster than the wave. A specially designed underwater electric motor, supported by powerful lithium batteries, drives the surfboard. With the appropriate shape of the underwater wings shortly after reaching the appropriate speed on the surface of the water, you get hydrodynamic lift, lifting and starting to float. This reduces water resistance and achieves three times faster speeds, up to 25 kilometers per hour. Handling is done using the remote command that you hold in your hand while floating. The American team of experts who designed this project called this Lift Foils wing and is currently available in America. In addition to the standard shape of the underwater wing, the team offers various other shapes for different conditions and levels of hovering. Interest in this incredible product is growing day by day.

Source: www.liftfoils.com



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