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ULTRA Sailing School was established in the autumn of 1995 and it was founded thanks to a group of Croatian sailors who have experience of sailing from the Olympic classes, Match Racing and off shore competitions, all with extra long and rich experience in sailing. Their know-how and methodology also come from the similar schools in the group of countries where these sailors used to compete. During 21 years of operating, the school also had the opportunity to work with very different groups of students- from individual beginners on keel boats or ‘willing-to-learn’ whole families, through kids in Optimist, students from Split Nautical University, and with future cruising skippers or very special advanced groups keen to learn more about racing in shore and off shore.

Principal advantages of our school are its continuous operating for 21 years and the experience gained along the way, maximum number of 4 students per group/instructor, plus a beautiful country such as Croatia and Split as city in the middle of the Croatian coast, with its islands and channels which are very favorable particularly for beginner sailors.
The school is situated in ACI marina in Split, where we have 4 different models of school boats in fleet of 8 boats overall.
The school also organizes team building and corporate sailing on a fleet of four new and similar Oceanis 35, one-day sailing trips from Split, while in the summer period it is also possible to participate on a few most popular Croatian regattas.
Our mission is to promote sailing as a way of life, to make it more accessible in its basic element, and the skills necessary for safe leisure sailing and cruising.

Our courses are:
Basic Sailing Course Program consists of the essential knowledge and skills you can acquire on sailing. During the course, theoretical skills of the sailing essentials, the sail aerodynamics, basic helmsman skills, safety on the sea, and so on are acquired. In the practical part of the course, a special attention is dedicated to elementary sailing skills, where the course attendants in groups of maximum 5 persons per one instructor have enough time for gaining skills for independent sailing.

Navigation Sailing Program has its venue on Ultra d.o.o. sailing boats, in high season on First 31.7 or Oceanis 35 as performance boat, with maximum 4 attendants per one instructor. The course attendants are accommodated on board during the whole course. This program is a logical continuation and upgrade to the experience acquired in the previous basic sailing course.

Advanced Sailing Program is a logical next step for sailors demanding more skill in sailing with spinnaker or gennaker, advance techniques of sailing or coming on berth only by sails. The course has much more sailing hours then theoretical lectures, and it is held on small and bigger school sailboats depending on different lesson requirements during each course. This course is a necessary step for sailors willing to join us on regattas.

Family Sailing Program is one of the possibilities when it comes to spending an active vacation with your family. More and more families are deciding to take this kind of program to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and annual family gatherings. Family sailing trips are a perfect way for the members of any family to relax and enjoy the time they spend together. Nothing can make relationships within a family or among friends better than active vacations spent together.



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