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New – Electric scooter PWC

New – Electric scooter PWC


GRATIS X1 is the first PWC electrical scooter. No fuel, no sound, no emissions … Free Form Californian company has placed a scooter for electrically operated water, innovative PWC which is called GRATIS X1.

As reported by the manufacturer, a scooter is an exciting driving performance and achieves about the same as the standard jet scooter with combustion engine. It is designed to achieve a clean 45 minutes of sailing, with possibility of extension up to an hour with an additional adapter. Charging time is three to four hours. With scooter GRATIS X1 drivers will experience powerful scooter, good fun and a quiet ride.

To compare, the standard four-stroke scooter produces 160 horsepower with a 1480 cc and the speed of about 63 nautical miles per hour, while the electric scooter GRATIS X1 offers 46 horsepower and speed about 46 nautical miles per hour.

This scooter was designed by experts Zero Motorcycle’s, and Z-Force drive system was specially developed for this type of product.

Source: www.ridefreeform.com



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