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Sailing with a Champ

On that day, a mild southern wind was blowing, luring sailors to leave the marina on their sailboats and to set off under full sail towards the horizon on the blue, azure Adriatic Sea.

Skipper Rodion Luka- the main creator and author of L30 ONE DESIGN sailboat, holder of a silver Olympic medal, world and European champion in the Volvo Ocean Races- invited us to visit his sailboat and to feel her capabilities and magic of sailing.

The vessel was built in the Ocean Tec shipyard in Slovenia, using modern method of vacuum infusion, technology with a vinyl ester resin and glass fiber with a PVC core. This is a light vessel with a variable draft, and due to her mobile keel she is perfectly adaptable to all conditions of sailing and cruising on various waters.

The boat is designed with sharp lines and race form. Her length is nearly 10 meters and the beam is two and a half, with open aft area and a cabin large enough to accommodate four people. This is a modern family vessel of unique design, environmentally perfected and easily trailerable, while also being excellent for training of boaters. It is perfect for teambuilding, where all crew members are involved in control of work process on the sailboat.

For a successful maneuver in marinas and quiet coves, the vessel has at disposal the electric drive. The boat is equipped with saildrive Oceanvolt electric motor, which can operate in hydro generator mode, charging lithium batteries with electricity while sailing. Maximum range with the use of lithium batteries at a speed between six and eight knot is 21 nautical miles in calm waters, while in rough seas it is 16 nautical miles. Charging of batteries takes five hours. With this electric drive it is possible to develop a top speed of eight knots.

However, this is a boat for turning sailboaters’ dreams into reality, as she is light, modern and features racing characteristics. With the sails made of quality “TapeDriveCarbon” material, the main sail area of 29.8 square meters in combination with the jib sail of 22.8 square meters, this sailboat easy takes wind and reaches the top speed, while the extra light gennaker of over 83 square meters and weight of merely 35 grams per square meter, the boat becomes superior and achieves phenomenal results and performance.

The cockpit has been extended and there is enough room for eight people. Helmsman’s place is excellent with two steering wheels available. The sailboat can be steered by two persons, but any more demanding sailing conditions require more crew members. There were five of us with the cameraman and we were all engaged for the work with ropes, hoisting the sails, tacking and steering.

Preparation was brief. Rodion with his crew members set the gennaker sail on the bow deck and tied it with ropes to the cockpit to make it easy and simple to hoist it at the bow when we are far enough from the shore.

When we left the marina, the skipper immediately hoisted up the biggest bow sail – gennaker, and shortly afterwards we sailed downwind at full speed, over nine knots. The sailboat is great at keeping direction even with two helms, we always felt a light touch and the boat’s immediate response to the commands given by the skipper, regardless of her tilt towards the water surface. Feedback to commands was rapid and instantly led to a change of course. Therefore it takes an experienced skipper-sailor, as the vessel is highly demanding in terms of sailing and achieving high performance.

By rapid lowering of the gennaker on the bow, the boat slowed down, but with lifting of the jib sail, the skipper slowly directed L30 upwind and then we felt the true charms of sailing. A large slope at the start, lasted only briefly, while moments of the wind and gravity center of the boat is in balance Then sailing sharp upwind started, with fast tacking and changing direction in order to stay on course. It was a fantastic and memorable experience with the experienced sailor Rodion Luka and that wonderful crew. The L30 sailboat showed all her superior characteristics within that one hour that we enjoyed sailing.

Deck equipment, winches, pulleys, mainsheet, travelers, stoppers and the ropes were all excellently arranged.

This first-class boat for four people, with a separate head compartment and a small galley, provides conditions for a longer stay and holiday on your desired destination, where you can engage in practical training, practicing and gaining sailing skills. However, for the bold, he vessel is ready for large undertakings and winning races.

The name Porsche Finance Group stands on her hull, as the boat meets all the conditions and regulations of class L30 One Design Class Rules and she is certified for top international and Olympic competitions.

Technical specifications:

LOA: 9.58 m (30 feet)
Hull Length: 9.25 m
Length on the waterline: 9.20 m
Maximum beam: 2.54 m
Draft (the keel lowered / raised) 1.80 m / 0.58 m
Height: 13.15 m
Displacement: 1,820 kg
Ballast: 710 kg
Water tank capacity / optional – black water tank: 45 l / 35 l
Idea: Rodion Luka
Shipyard: Ocean Tec (Slovenia)
Design: Justin Yacht Design



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