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YAMAHA: EX, EX Sport and EX DeLuxe  Scooters

YAMAHA: EX, EX Sport and EX DeLuxe Scooters


We are introducing three exciting, new super-powerful models in the EX series. The legend that is born again, with better racing characteristics and performance than the GP1800.
Integrated advanced technology and performance are top class and exclusive. These are highly reliable scooters and that is why the WaveRunners are well-known all over the world.
Scooters with three seats, offering maximum comfort and stability, provide great on-water fun.
Yamaha’s new EX series is designed to introduce a new generations of riders into the world of joy and pleasure on the water.
Super-modern TR-1 engine that has been awarded numerous times is used on these models. This is a 3-cylinder inboard engine, with impressive power and strong torque, being at the same time smaller by 40 percent, lighter by 20 percent and more fuel efficient than the previous four-cylinder Yamaha MR-1 engine.
Moreover, its fuel tank can hold 50 liters, which is almost twice the capacity of competing models within this category.
Upgrading the advanced gas control on EX DeLuxe model and the use of RiDE® technology enables perfect electronic control of the scooter.
EX DeLuxe has a unique Yamaha system and exclusive RiDE®, which makes the scooter easy to handle. It is the first dual throttle control thet brings a new level of precision and control. It features a great control in both directions- whether you are moving forward or backward.
The more actively you drive, you gain more experience and more confidence. On the right handlebar there is the forward throttle control, and on the left one is the reverse throttle control. Left handlebar is also used for reducting speed, while if both handlebars of the scooter are released- the scooter is not moving. The only thing you need to focus on is how much fun it is to ride and to feel the water surface below you.
The new EX Series is the best offer of scooters that will not let you down.





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