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Yamaha FX SVHO scooter, launched this year, is one of the best scooters in the world today. Many sharp and precise lines make the design of this scooter even more attractive and appealing to the eye.

It is propelled by a new 1812 cc Yamaha, 4-stroke and 4-cylinder engine, which enables the scooter to develop extremely fast acceleration and high speed even in situations of full load, when carrying three adults. This is a new generation engine, intended for those who are inspired by races, but its main purpose is entertainment and fun on the water.
Next Generation Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) features various improvements in its new system, with the highlight on larger cooler, redesigned engine oil cooler, newly designed pistons, and high-pressure pump 160 mm impeller.

Most importantly, the engine provides 20% more power compared to its predecessor, which is the biggest industry breakthrough.

Levers are now modified; additional commands are included, including great innovations: commands for fast deceleration and for reverse drive. Thanks to this revolutionary system in steering of scooters, today we have much better and more precise commands. On the right side of its handlebar there is accelerator, ”No Wake mode”, and button for Cruise-Assist. Arrows up and down are used for precise setting and locking selected speed, a very useful feature when two scooters are cruising together, one following the other. On the left hand side, there is a lever for slowing down, reverse drive, and trimming. Now it is all more interesting and safer.
With the latest RiDE System, safety of steering is on a much higher level. Regardless of the rider’s experience, control over the scooter is now better and more precise at every moment. The latest system for electronic trimming during cruising uses two switches on the left hand side of the handlebar and electronically regulates trim when you wish to develop maximum speed or to adjust a suitable angle at sudden change of direction.
NanoXcel 2 new materials and lighter hulls
Introducing the best technologies NanoXcel 2 new materials were created and lighter, harder, and shinier hulls were obtained. Intermolecular ties and structures were made in hull material, reducing weight of the core material by 25%.
Scooters are now lighter by 18%, while maintaining the same hardness and shine of the surface. Model FX SVHO is 21 kg lighter, providing at the same time faster acceleration, higher maximum speed, and more fuel saving.

Yamaha FX SVHO is a scooter at the top of the range in the use of modern technology solutions. It is up to us to discover its performance in cruising while visiting the most beautiful beaches in the area- not alone, but with two other persons.

Technical specifications:
Length Overall: 3.56m
Beam: 1.22m
Dry weight: 378 kg
Max. persons: 3
Fuel tank: 70 l




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