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Fusion 56 speedboat is the final project design created by young Uroš Mihajlović at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Belgrade

The vessel belongs to the category of fast boats or speedboats, and it is 15 metres long. It is primarily made for a three-member family, but there is room to accommodate even more people. Whole hull is made of mahogany in combination with walnut colour. Given that Fusion 56 belongs to the speedboat category, its first feature and idea in designing it was to make its appearance elegant and refined, but also strong and fast, like a gale. Its front lines truly leave such impression on an observer.

At the end rear part of the boat there are two collapsible seats, intended for relaxation of two persons on a quiet sea or for fishing. Immediately behind them, there is a sliding door, preventing water to reach the rear part of the boat during planing. When the door is open, it provides access to the main deck. There we can find a symmetrical white leather seating arrangement on both sides, which can comfortably seat eight persons. Between them is a table, which can also be moved to one of the sides. In front of the helm station, there is a large and comfortable seat for the driver, with two same seats for passengers immediately next to it on the right hand side. At the bow, there is a sunpad for two persons, surrounded by safety handrails.

Interior of the boat features two separate spaces with access below the helm, down the stairs. The first space is the living room with a dining area, a small fully equipped galley, and a separate bathroom. The dining table can seat up to five persons. Natural light comes in through two symmetrical portlights, stretching one on each side of the hull along the whole living area. The next space, separated by a sliding door, is a spacious sleeping cabin. This cabin is furnished with a double bed, cabinets and wardrobe, mirrors along one of the walls, and a TV set. Natural light comes from the ceiling hatch. Adjustable LED lighting is fitted in order to create a nice atmosphere in the evenings, as well as two small lamps right above the bed. Bedroom colours are softer in order to provide quiet and undisturbed sleep for passengers.

Considering the fact that Fusion 56 is a concept design, after completion of current obligations the author is planning to develop it further, to complete all the details, and to create its final version.



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