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BRP company, a leading world nautical center for research and production of entertainment, have prepared a great surprise for us for 2016. It is primarily about an engine improvement in the top class of their range of water scooters to amazing 300hp, so now their models RXT-X, RXP-X and GTX Limited proudly carry the impressive number 300 following their signs. Thanks to the company called Ski & Sea, we had an opportunity to get a better insight and to drive the whole range for the next year, but this time we give priority to model RXT-X, which we particularly enjoyed.

To say that we liked it would be an understatement – we were delighted by its looks, equipment, and performance. If we had to give a brief description, it would be ‘’all-inclusive’’. We took a close look at the scooter and studied it while still on dry land.

Exceptional design, sporty, sleek, aggressive, and powerful, along with the already famous top performance S3 hull, which also guarantees incredible maneuverability. All systems and controls are still there, but now the iBR unique braking system for water scooters has been improved and marked as the second generation system, and it is by 20 percent more efficient than the original one. Sea-Doo were also the first to install the original system on their vessel. For those who are not so well informed, it is important to say that this water scooter has a braking system, like its predecessor. It is exactly such patents that made Sea-Doo the leader in the segment of water scooter production. By a click on the left lever, you shift to neutral, and by a double-click you activate the brake, which works smoothly and efficiently. It will definitely not throw you over, but it surely is powerful and efficient. At its maximum speed, it takes an average of 48.75m to come to a halt, depending on water conditions. It is a great result that puts it in line with modern super cars. It should be said that all this happens without submerging of the vessel’s front part into the water, or any other extreme or undesired effect. Luggage space that remains dry during the ride has been increased to three times the original size, by good reorganisation and new design. Seat for three persons has been significantly improved, and has got a label Ergolock. Its comfort and perfect appearance remain the same, but features that enable better seating position for the driver have been improved.

Now you sit firmly in the seat, as there is a powerful back-rest in the lower part of your back. Knees also have their ergonomic space at the scooter’s sides, while your feet got what is probably the most significant support in the form of special slip-resistant materials on the scooter’s deck, positioned at such an angle to push your knees inwards, thus making it considerably easier to maneuver and stay on this powerful water scooter during aggressive turns. A.E.S. system gives an undoubted contribution to ergonomics. The system is an ergonomically adjustable steering gear, which enables a perfect seating position for everyone, in accordance with body build and size and driving style. Below the seat, the heart of this powerful water scooter beats with amazing 300hp, obtained from the total of 1.630 ccm, which is at the same time the producer’s label of this engine: 1630ACE. Compared to its predecessor, volume has been increased by 9 percent, and power by 15 percent, primarily thanks to pistons that are lighter by 20gr, new rods and a special layer of plasma, applied by thermal spray-technique to the walls of the cylinder, thus providing incredibly low friction between the pistons and the cylinder. The greatest contribution is certainly provided by a totally new supercharger, feeding the aggregate with 30 percent more pressure that in its predecessor, it is also faster by 8 percent. Newly designed rotor turbine looks very aggressive with its 32 blades. Engineers at Sea-Doo development section explain that the supercharger is now 100 percent maintenance-free, thus reducing costs to the owners, while the new system of greasing enables long-term use without any intervention. Long lasting of the turbine is surely contributed by intercooler that is now 2.2 times more powerful and has higher capacity than its predecessor. The engine itself has better cooling by 33 percent, due to improvements and increase of cooling system capacity, which is a closed system.

One more longing glance at the powerful pump of the 159mm in diameter, placed at the back, looking like a long-range heavy artillery weapon. I tightened my life-vest, sat on the scooter and indicated to the great guys from Ski&Sea to launch me into the water. Enough looking… I immediately started the engine, which is neither quiet nor loud, moderate I would say, with a frequency that surely promises great fun. Fuel tank was full with 60l, that was ok, I reset everything needed. Since I had already used the previous model, I bravely switched to ‘sport’ mode, deciding to go for all or nothing. Slowly I left the port, with no one around me, October being a great time for this stuff. I placed trim to the golden middle, for the start, another glance to the left and to the right, and then at full speed ahead. ‘Catapult’, or ‘Rocket’, perhaps that should have been the headline? Fasten your seatbelts, it’s take off time! I released the accelerator and tried the brakes… they worked perfectly. This would be a day to remember, I thought, the guys from the company would have to come looking for me. For anyone brave and crazy enough, Italy is only over an hour away from Budva by this scooter. As my passport stayed on the shore, I decided to eat pizza some other time… From 0 to 100 kilo-meters per hour in less than four seconds, but this is my track record, personally I believe it could better with perfect trimming, on a quiet lake and without a gust of wind.

As for speeding up and slowing down, it is perfect, but there is more to it. Maneuverability and usability of a vessel is what Sea-Doo especially work on. RXT-X performs with ease all turns and sudden movements. What you have to think about when you imagine and before try a maneuver is whether you are really capable of doing it, as this water scooter will obediently perform any command, take a sharp turn or follow any path that you wish. Whether it is within your capability to keep up with its super-powers, that is the question. A visit to a gym, keeping fit, and more driving experience will certainly do you good. In any case, this scooter is flexible and can be used for light cruise with family or friends to reach favou-rite beaches and coves. But why buy a tiger, if there is a cat on offer? In that case, buy a world hit scooter, tiny Spartacus, also from the Sea Doo range. Although RXT-X is designed for three persons, leave this beast to us who are egoistic enough to sail alone and run away from everything, at least for a while. As you can see, photos speak for themselves. Who is prepared to sit behind a man with a heart of a child, on currently one of the best and the most powerful toys for grownups in the world!?

Well done, Sea-Doo! Congratulations for innovations and improvement!



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