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Life Rafts


Depending on a vessel size and type, it is clearly defined what equipment is necessary in water rescue operations, in accordance with the regulations of registry associations, with SOLAS and acts on protection of human life on water. Materials used in boat construction and in equipment production, vessel dimensions, pneumatic inflatable rafts, signalling devices, equipment, and life rations have all been defined.

According to SOLAS, for category A yachts, which are capable of covering over 200 nautical miles and registered to have a skipper and a crew, but do not fall into the category of ships, it is obligatory to have rescue equipment.

Having a liferaft on such a yacht is obligatory. It should be a standardised pneumatic (inflatable) self-inflatable floating raft without propulsion system, but with a specified survival kit. They are covered by a canvas top, and their size is determined by the number of personsfrom 4 to 25- depending on the maximum registered number of persons aboard the vessel. They are stored in white plastic boxes located on easily accessible spots suitable for easy and quick launching into the water.

Liferaft has to be produced in such a way to endure 30 days on water in any possible conditions at sea, with temperature ranging from -15 to +40 degrees Celsius. Following a fall from 18 metres of height, both raft and equipment have to remain usable. If a raft is placed on a height over 18 metres, it has to be able to endure plunging from that specific height. It has to have two entrances, to protect people from cold and heat, and the colour of the interior should have a calming effect to passengers. When closed, it is important to allow enough fresh air, as well as to have one window for look-out and a rainwater collecting device. Height requirement in any part of a liferaft is such that people can be seated inside it.


  • Life raft
  • Life buoy with floating rope (2)
  • Life buoy with light
  • Life jackets for adults
  • Life jackets for children
  • Parachute rockets (12)
  • Hand flares (6)
  • Smoke buoys (2)
  • Immersion suits
  • Thermal protecting aids
  • Fire extinguisher
  • LSA poster
  • Training manual
  • Copy of Signals Table
  • Safe rope up to 25 m, properly coiled.



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