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Gracious and Fast Like an Arrow – DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT

Gracious and Fast Like an Arrow – DRAGONFLY 28 SPORT




If you ever wish to tame the wind and reach a speed of over 40 knots on a sailboat of only nine metres in length, feel free to sail on a Dragonfly 28 Sport. You shall feel full power of the wind and extreme speed on rough seas.

This product of Denmark was created after more than a year’s work on design and construction by designers Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen. They succeeded in designing a very interesting trimaran intended for sports sailing, easily trailorable to a desired destination, as its maximum width is 2.55 metres when prepared for transport.

Boat weight with basic equipment is 1650 kilograms, and togethr with a trailor it weighs 2200 kilograms (half a ton more). Therefore, the trailor has to be certified for maximum load of 2500 kg and it takes a strong off-road vehicle for road transport.

A highly practical solution was obtained by removable swing wings that hold hulls on the left and on the right side. By simple tightening of the rope, those horizontal main swing wings rotate around their axes and fall into strengthened positions on the sides of the sailboat’s hull, where they are fixed, thus creating a real trimaran. It takes five minutes for the whole procedure of mounting buoys, while dismounting them and pulling the boat onto a car-trailor lasts for half an hour.

The hulls are asymmetrical and have volume of 140 per cent (more than required). When sailing, they are positioned 30 centimetres to the front of bow stem of the main hull for better diagonal stability when sailing downwind.

On the deck, this trimaran has bollard on every two metres, and a large open cockpit with nicely arranged winches.

This vessel comes in two models, touring and sport version. The first version enables comfortable accommodation for five persons, while the other is suitable for sports people for achieving sailing performance.

One of the disadvantages is that cabin space is rather small compared to the size and dimensions of the vessel at water line, which are 9 x 6.5 metres (60 square metres). Inside, it is confined and narrow, making it difficult to spend a long time there for five persons. It is more suitable for adventurers and recreational seamen seeking to discover new sailing options, as well as for regular training for future professionals who will participate in regattas.

Trimaran has a standing height of 1.85 metres below the deck, and a practical salon in the middle, equipped with two long benches and a table between them. There is plenty of natural light, as the side windows are well arranged, and there is a double berth at the bow. Height of the cabin in that part is lower.

Galley is very simple and practical, containing a small fridge, a gas stove, and a sink.

Storage and preparation of food is a slightly neglected topic, although it is a significant factor for safe sailing. Sailboats require constant physical engagement, a lot of energy and effort. Therefore, it is crucial to use good food that provides a lot of energy, and diet should include fruit and vegetables in large quantities. A vessel should have good and clean thermally-isolated food compartments or chambers in order to keep the food supplies in good condition for a couple of days. This vessel contains insufficient space for storing and preserving food for five persons for a couple of days, and it would be advisable to design additional space.

We recommend to adventurers and sports sailors to take the challenge of trimaran DragonFly 28 Sport, as they are sure to discover something new and gain valuable sailing experience.


– Economical, occupies a single place berth in a marina as it is 2.55 m wide and 10 m long with contracted buoys.

– Does not have a deep draft and anchors easily in shallow water, especially sandy beaches.


– Small cabin space that is not comfortable enough for five persons over a long period.

– Water tank and fuel tank capacity insufficient for more than ten days of offshore sailing without docking. Recommendation is to double the quantity of both water and fuel by providing additional tanks.

– Temperature-sensitive food supplies have to be kept in fridges or special thermally-isolated spaces. Food storing capacity should be expanded in this trimaran.


  • Length overall: 8.75 m
  • Length at WL: 8.6 m
  • Max. length: 9.99 m
  • Lenght at sailing: 9.05 m
  • Beam at sailing: 6.50 m
  • Beam with contracted hulls: 2.54 m
  • Draft: 0.40 m
  • Draft with keel: 1.9 m
  • Middle hull beam: 1.70 m
  • Standard vessel weight: 1900 kg
  • Load max. with crew: 725 kg
  • Weight max. excl. crew: 2000 kg
  • Water tank: 80 l
  • Fuel tank: 60 l
  • Engine: outboard 8.1 KS
  • Engine max. power. 15 KS
  • Passengers max. Certificate CE category B 5
  • Passengers max. Certificate CE category C 7
  • Mast height excl. antenna 10.12 (touring) or 13.60 m (sport) version
  • Mast height above water line 13.75m (touring) and 15.25m (sport)
  • Length of Swing Wing 1.6 m (touring) or 1.9 m (sport)



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